filth and joy

Inspired by darkness and beauty in several art forms such as literature, poetry and visual arts, Dennis Martinelli releases his music under the Filth and Joy moniker. Appropriately named, Filth and Joy releases have a compelling balance between grimy soundscapes and familiar synthetic melodies, reminiscent of the best goth rock or industrial hymns from the 80’s encircled by modern drone and noise.


Martinelli’s sound is minimalist at its essence, however the textures and layers of sound keep the listener interested, when not surprised by the thematic synths and electronic beats that cut through the noise in the most elegant way. This is evidenced by the closer “愛 Forest Exit“ off Filth and Joy’s latest EP.


Released on Dec 31st 2015, the EP ここで、我々は死にます, was inspired by Japanese folk tales read by Dennis prior to working on the album. Six instrumental tracks compose this dark EP that touches themes such as nihilism, death and sex.


ここで、我々は死にます is available now on digital format.